Our Team

Wolfe, Inc. is a visionary socially conscious company committed to making beautiful spaces for people to live, eat, and work. We prioritize fair working practices, safety, and workplace happiness. We invest heavily in professional development to make sure we are continually employing best practices, using new tools, and offering our clients the best options for sustainable resources. Our highly skilled and creative team is our greatest asset and makes working with Wolfe, Inc. an enjoyable experience at every level.


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Spencer Wolfe

Spencer Wolfe

Owner / Principal

Spencer was born and raised in Vancouver, WA. He started in construction in 1985 with DeaMor Skylights, Inc. and worked in landscaping before co-founding a framing company in Boulder, Colorado.  In 1998, Spencer began working at The East Bay Conservation Corps in Oakland, CA. It was there he combined his love of nature, building, and working with people. These experiences inspired him to found Wolfe, Inc. in 2003.

Spencer’s passion for the environment and collaborative projects fuels his work in landscaping and construction. He enjoys building and creating residential landscape spaces for clients, and is continually inspired by the construction and design challenges of these projects. He also enjoys the satisfaction in coordinating the many aspects of a project that make it run smoothly.

Spencer loves backpacking, sailing, climbing, traveling and reading. He also has a lifelong passion for plants and geology and finding the creative element in whatever project he undertakes.

Jason DeAntonis

Jason DeAntonis


Jason grew up outside of Portland, Oregon, where he learned the family businesses of home design from his mother and commercial building from his father. He worked for both family companies, learning the art of drafting as well as the art of designing and building commercial skylights.

Jason has a BFA from Cornish College in Seattle, Washington. He was awarded the People's Choice award for his designs. He worked as associate and collaborator with famed glassblower Sonja Blomdahl and public artist Buster Simpson. These experiences helped him master the use of many different materials, including wood, concrete, glass, metal, and stone.

Jason’s attracted notice from New York architectural firms and he left Seattle to work in New York working on residential and commercial designs for architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro and David Winston, designer of The Museum of Sex in Manhattan.

Since moving to the Bay Area ten years ago, Jason has been inspired by the wild natural beauty to create custom furniture and cabinetry, and detailed woodwork that brings out the materials natural beauty and harmonizes with the natural and human-made forms around it. In his thirty years experience doing design and build, he has worked on everything from Tree houses and Buddhist Temples to large restaurants and tiny cottages.

His art and wood sculptures for sale can be found on his website, www.jasondeantonis.com

Sherry Fraser

Sherry Fraser

Office Manager

Sherry has considerable experience in both business and architecture. A native of the Los Angeles area, she worked as a Director of Human Resources before moving to San Francisco to study architecture. Sherry has worked in several electrical engineering and architectural offices, finding a long-term home at MBH Architects in Alameda. While employed at MBH she was quickly promoted to Project Manager/Associate and continued to hone her managerial skills. She was thrilled to then bring her experience and talents to working for such a socially and environmentally conscious company as Wolfe, Inc.

Sherry enjoys working in her garden, hiking, wandering by the bay as she scavenges for found wood and broken pottery, and reading and volunteering with the Berkeley Reads program. She can often be seen walking quickly through the streets of Berkeley, in an effort to complete as many errands as possible on foot.

Brian Lutz

Brian Lutz

Carpenter and Landscaper

Brian was born and raised in the tiny North Bay town of Sebastopol and has lived in and around the Bay Area all his life. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from San Jose State University and a Masters degree in counseling psychology from Argosy University. At Wolfe, Inc. he loves the constant variety of skills and types of work, particularly focusing on construction, landscaping, and hardscaping.   When not at work, Brian is just as physical. He can be found enjoying playing the guitar, working on photography, rock climbing, surfing, snow skiing, and hanging out with friends and family.